Support is readily accessible with a great team of RAs, Committee and admin.

Blake Tonkin Sloan 210

As a first year at 'Tommy More' coming from a rural background I have thoroughly enjoyed every second. This College provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere encouraging a positive balance between studies and the social aspect of a college. Transitioning from school and living at home could not have been easier as I am surrounded by like-minded people and know support is readily accessible with a great team of RAs, Committee and admin. Between inter college sport, balls, formal dinners, various other planned events and personal study there is never a dull moment. I have made good mates and amazing connections both with domestic and international students: looking forward to the great times ahead!

Living at STMC this year has been the best experience I have had.

Elena Somma 210

There are many reasons why I chose St Thomas More College.

Living all my life in Bussleton, a regional area , STMC made the transition from home life to city life so much easier. The social events within the College are very inviting and welcome and I have made some fabulous friends. I have found the College and the residents at STMC extremely welcoming and supportive... They become your new family! I have also had the privilege of living in one of the newly built studio rooms and I feel very privileged to have such a lovely room.

Living at STMC this year has been the best experience I have had, and there are so many memories that College has given me. Adjusting to the new situation was extremely easy due to the family like community that College provides.

I love living at Tommy More as it gives me the opportunity to live with people from diverse backgrounds.

Reeshav Mundra 210x159

Moreover, there are events and activities taking place all round the year, which helps one develop constantly and elevates the learning curve of students.

The additional academic support that College provides is something I appreciate as well. Not to mention the amazing rooms that Tommy More has for students.

All in all it’s just what the motto says… LIVING, LEARNING & MORE!

Its in the perfect location, with shops just up the road and Kings park nearby.

Elise Norrish 210

I have really enjoyed my first semester at Tommy More, coming from a small country town to the big city can be a huge step and staying at Tommy has made this transition so much easier as I have met so many lovely people who share the same experience. The residents at Tommy are so friendly and easy going, making it feel like your family away from home.

There have been so many great events organised throughout the semester which have kept us entertained and helped to bring the whole college together giving it a real community feel. The intercollege events have been so much fun especially Lip-dup and the sporting events like netball and footy to name a few. Also everyone was so helpful when it came to settling in and finding my way around college and its in the perfect location, with shops just up the road and Kings park nearby.

All up its been a great start to uni life!

The food is very good and everybody is friendly.

George Ghasseb 210

Coming from a rural town, the move to St Thomas More College was a lot easier than I thought. Living in a high rise room is a welcome change from living in a house. The studio rooms, that are brand new, are very nice with many of my mates wishing they had come to Tommy instead of the other colleges. The food is very good and everybody is friendly. Location is prime as public transport is available right outside the door, making it convenient to run errands. Overall my experience so far at Tommy More has been pleasant.

I have met people from all over the world and made memories and formed friendships that will last a lifetime.

Khall Ridge 210

Tommy More is much more than just a residential college of over 300 people, it’s a family of 300 people. Everyone is welcoming of all people and I have met people from all over the world and made memories and formed friendships that will last a lifetime. The College itself has changed very dramatically over the past three years with renovations and new buildings, but one thing that has definitely stayed strong is the College spirit. With the help of the College leaders and student club, we all look out for each other with our studies and being away from home and this creates a safe and caring environment which we all can call our home away from home.

I am proud to be a part of the Tommy More community.

Ebony Teakle 210

Since moving to Tommy More I have created friendships that will last a lifetime.

We have such a close group of friends at Tommy that have become my one big family away from home. Everyone is so kind and friendly and it makes it a great environment to live in. I am proud to be a part of the Tommy More community.

I think that living at College gives the ultimate university experience.

Josh Clune 210

Living at Tommy More has offered me a welcoming community as well as being great fun. I've met some of my best mates here. The food is great and there are great places for me to both study and relax. I think that living at college gives the ultimate university experience as UWA is only across the road and I don't have to worry about waiting in traffic or public transport. It is also close to a lot of key services and shops for a university student. Tommy More has a very welcoming and open feel about it - it feels like my second family.

Tommy has well and truly become the ultimate second home.

Casey Sweeney 210

Being the first in my family to attend university and having no relatives living in Perth to provide support, the thought of moving for study had always been quite daunting for me. Upon looking at various accommodation options, I eventually found St Thomas More College and immediately knew this was the place to be. As all residents are living away from their families and can relate to the difficulties associated with this, everyone is more than happy to provide support for each other in any way possible. Within the first few weeks of staying at College it became clear to me this wasn’t just a communal living space – I was part of one, big Tommy family.

Life at Tommy has been the perfect transition from attending a regional high school to university in Perth. Whether it’s as simple as having meals cooked for you, knowing academic support is available when classes are tough, or having an incredible social calendar available for you, Tommy covers all aspects of university student life. From my first semester alone I have met so many knew faces from all across the globe and created many memories to last a life time. Tommy has well and truly become the ultimate second home.

Friends are only a door knock away.

Jane Edgeloe 210

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed living at tommy more because I get to mix with students from both the city and the metro, giving me exposure to a diverse range of cultures and experiences. Tommy has a great family atmosphere, with everyone looking out for everyone else, and I know I can always rely on people if I need them. Friends are only a door knock away.

Integrating with students from a variety of different cultures.

Tanna Brandis 210

Living at St Thomas More College is a unique experience as it creates an opportunity to become a part of a community. This community lifestyle is beneficial for all individuals in the College environment because you develop a better understanding of others through integrating with students from a variety of different cultures. Living at College allows you to develop independence and valuable life skills, however, the College still provides experienced people who are willing to mentor and guide you.

College lifestyle is most beneficial because, during your time at University, you are continuously surrounded by people who are doing the same thing and who are in the same position as you are. If you are struggling or fall behind with your course there is always someone else who is either currently studying or has completed the same unit who is more than willing to assist you.

Those at Tommy become a family.

Kiera Albertsen 210

Coming from a country town everything here is so big and different and there is a lot more people around the place. Tommy More has helped make this transition from living with my family all my life to living away from home a really fun and enjoyable experience, and a lot less intimidating. Living at College, you get to meet so many new people and make lots of new friends from all over the place. Everyone here is really friendly and willing to help each other out. You see these people almost every day whether it is in the dining hall, the rec room, at the laundry or just walking around campus. Those at Tommy become a family.

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