Casey Sweeney

Tommy has well and truly become the ultimate second home.

Casey Sweeney 210

Being the first in my family to attend university and having no relatives living in Perth to provide support, the thought of moving for study had always been quite daunting for me. Upon looking at various accommodation options, I eventually found St Thomas More College and immediately knew this was the place to be. As all residents are living away from their families and can relate to the difficulties associated with this, everyone is more than happy to provide support for each other in any way possible. Within the first few weeks of staying at College it became clear to me this wasn’t just a communal living space – I was part of one, big Tommy family.

Life at Tommy has been the perfect transition from attending a regional high school to university in Perth. Whether it’s as simple as having meals cooked for you, knowing academic support is available when classes are tough, or having an incredible social calendar available for you, Tommy covers all aspects of university student life. From my first semester alone I have met so many knew faces from all across the globe and created many memories to last a life time. Tommy has well and truly become the ultimate second home.

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