Tommy Parents

The parents of our students are an integral and valued part of our community here at Tommy, and we don’t take lightly the trust you have placed in us to help guide your son or daughter through their first years outside the family nest.

St Thomas More College prides itself on providing a convenient, welcoming and supportive home away from home for the students in our care.

Living out of home for the first time can be a daunting experience (for students and parents alike!), especially when moving far from family, traditional support networks, and embarking on life as a university student.

Our College offers students a supportive environment that helps them acclimatise to independent life in steady steps, rather than have to worry about utility connections, meals, transport, cleaning and more, all at once. We aim to provide a home-like environment with our Head of College and Deputy Head of College residing on site and offering a constant source of responsible guidance and pastoral care.

Students are encouraged to take up personal and professional development opportunities through the College’s training and social initiatives, and are welcomed into a respectful community where they often make lifelong friends.

We understand that, although your son or daughter will technically be an adult, that you may like to have some involvement in their care, and that you too, may have an interest in the facilities, events and offerings here at St Thomas More College…. (and you have a right to do so, especially if you are footing the bill!)

Click here to read more about how St Thomas More College prioritises safety on campus. You can also read Andie’s story – a student who moved to Tommy More after spending six months in a share house, or meet other students here.

Should you have any queries about College life, our Admissions team are always here to help, and you may wish to follow the College Facebook Page for more casual updates on the happenings here at St Thomas More College.

Below you will also find further information about living at St Thomas More College.

With a degree in hand, some close and long lasting friendships, a myriad of fun and life experiences – what else can I say but – thank you Tommy More.

“Our daughter, Bonn, decided she would like to return to our home state of Western Australia to complete tertiary studies. At the time we were living in Queensland. She was accepted as a student of Curtin University in Bentley in 2016. The news of moving to Perth was very exciting as she would be close to extended family and had good memories of the city and its beaches and the next step was to find suitable accommodation and living arrangements in Perth.

Bonn was keen to live independently in a share house. We were not that open to this idea!

It was not about Bonn’s capacity to live independently as we were confident she would be able to manage herself quite well. What was most important to us was that Bonn had a positive experience from the beginning so that she could focus on her studies and succeed at attaining her degree. We wanted her to be and feel safe where she was living; have the opportunity to meet friends and have access to supports if needed; to attend to studies and be engaged in leisure activities that were best for her health and well-being.

I spent time scouring the internet to find a solution and St Thomas More College met all the criteria.

Although this was not my daughters first choice it turned out to be the best choice. With a degree in hand, some close and long lasting friendships, a myriad of fun and life experiences – what else can I say but – thank you Tommy More.”

Roxanne Gelle

My husband and I remain delighted with our choice of residential college for our girls.

This is the third year for our eldest Rebecca and the first year for Amy. Both love the freedom of living away, the fun they’re having living in the big city and the pleasant surrounds of the college that make it so conducive for study; all with the friendships, planned activities and support of the college community.

For us as parents, we love the fact that they were gently introduced into independent living with all the security and backup services provided by the college; this definitely helps us sleep a little more soundly at night!

We are very proud of Amy and Rebecca as they develop and grow in their University years. The College (life) has been instrumental and beneficial to us all.

Susan and Billy Golder


We appreciate all you and your team have done.

Thank you for all the opportunities and guidance the college has offered to Abbey over the last two years.

It has been an awesome experience for her and as her parents it allowed us some comfort in the fact that the college was such a supportive and welcoming place.  We appreciate all you and your team have done.

Natasha Omodei