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A safe, modern and welcoming ‘home away from home’ for Singaporean students studying at university in Perth.

St Thomas More College is a Residential College located opposite the University of Western Australia and provides an ideal place for Singaporean students studying in Perth to live whilst they learn.

Having undergone a large redevelopment in 2016, our 400 single rooms are modern, spacious and affordable. Students also have the option of selecting differing meal plans, upgrading to air conditioned rooms, as well as upgrading after their first year to more premium Studio Rooms.

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Meet some of our International Students…

Sean Soh | Study Abroad Student| St Thomas More College - What is it like to study abroad in Australia

When I came to Australia for my studies, I was really excited but also a little apprehensive about whether I would be able to fit in here. I chose to live here at Tommy because I saw that it looked the newest out of all the colleges.

After one and a half years here, I now realise that the exterior of the College was impressive, but not the major takeaway from St Thomas More College. The people and their energy makes Tommy More what it is. Everywhere you go in college, you are greeted with a smile and a “How’s it going?”

As an international student, it isn’t easy to find a place that makes you feel at home. Tommy More has given me more than that. I have found friends from all over the world that I will keep for life and learned so much from those around me.

Sean Soh
Bachelor of Arts (Communications and Media Studies, and Marketing), The University of Western Australia

I chose to come to Perth for my studies because of the opportunities that studying overseas provided, and also because the course I wanted to study wasn’t available in Singapore.

Having come out of service in the Army right before I arrived, the rooms at Tommy More feel like luxury to me. The Studio Rooms have everything I could ask for, and I like that at Tommy More I wasn’t committed to a 21 meal plan, as I often don’t require breakfast.

Before I arrived, I was nervous about meeting people because I was travelling on my own and didn’t know anyone in Perth. My fears diminished very quickly once I arrived at college and I was able to quickly make friends and find a new community. Living here is very convenient – my university is just a short stroll away, and there are always lots of events and social occasions I can be part of. It’s a very exciting life.

Justus Tan
Bachelor of Medical Science (Biomedical Science)
The University of Western Australia

As an international student from Singapore, not having been away from home, deciding to study in UWA was a huge decision. However, it was a decision that I am I proud to have made, along with having chosen to stay at St Thomas More College, more endearingly referred to as ‘Tommy’.

Tommy is situated right across the road from UWA which makes it extremely convenient to travel to and from classes. Living here has helped ease the transition of having to live apart from family during my study at UWA. Many services are offered here that are especially catered to the well-being of its residents. One such service is the tutoring program that they have where residents who need help with their studies will be matched with fellow residents who have done the same units and have excelled in them. Apart from academic help, there are numerous activities like inter-wing and inter-college sports, formal dinners, the college ball and many more which are conducted in college. These activities and the friendly environment in Tommy have very much helped me to meet new people and forge lasting friendships that I will cherish for years to come.  Having stayed here for three years now, I can definitely say that what I love most about Tommy is the people and the care that they show towards the residents.

Abiraami Magendran
Bachelor of Medical Science (Assured Pathway to Medicine), University of Western Australia