I had the privilege to attend the first STMC Bright Breakfast on 13 March, hosted in St Thomas More College Singleton Recreation Room. The event was a professional occasion, where a group of aspiring students received the opportunity to pick the minds of two successful alumni on the topic of obtaining employment, graduate programs and internships post-university.

Kelly Dunn, former Student Club President and who has recently been promoted from the HBF Graduate Program, gave her perspective on what is really required to break into the job market. Her insight was highly relatable and gave a sense of hope to those in attendance, that we too could actually one day land our dream job.

Premila Levaci who currently is the Director for Clinical Operations at R&D Translation Services and whose accomplishments are far too broad to be encapsulated in one sentence gave an alternative view on what it’s like looking from the other side of the interview panel. She provided tips and tricks on what employers are actually looking for, whilst coming prepared with a wide variety of opportunities that those in the wider college community could apply for.

The Bright Breakfast was a runaway success not only due to the quality of food and snacks provided by the kitchen staff, the high-quality leather binder gifted to the attendees and the opportunity to listen to two intelligent and influential women. The success of the inaugural version of this event, in my opinion, came from the Q&A session to finish the morning. The speakers fended off all types of questions ranging from what to include in a cover letter to “how do I gain admission into an international university?” The responses given were insightful and every person who attended was more employable for the opportunity.

I highly recommend anyone with the opportunity to attend a St Thomas More College Bright Breakfast takes the chance, as you never know what helpful bits of knowledge you could gain.

Christopher Jones
Resident Advisor, student and resident
University of Western Australia
Master of Professional Engineering Mechanical


Alumni who would be interested in sharing their expertise with students can express their interest here. St Thomas More College offers 1:1 Mentoring with alumni, as well as four annual Bright Breakfast panel sessions and video interviews with Alumni as one facet of our career development and professional development program.