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St Thomas More College Mentoring Program

The Tommy Mentoring Program allows our Alumni to retain a connection to the College, widen their professional network and share valuable industry knowledge with students from Tommy More to help them progress their career.

Our program aims to provide a convenient and low obligation (we are all busy!) way for our Alumni to say YES to giving back to Tommy More students, and we have a number of ways in which we aim to provide mentoring and industry knowledge to our students.

The Success Series: Webinars

A digital Q+A session or lecture that students can “attend” live virtually and which will be recorded within our online student training platform. This is ideal for Tommy alumni who are based overseas or interstate but who still wish to contribute.

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Bright Breakfast

Each year, St Thomas More College will host a series of breakfasts, open to all students, and invite several new and old alumni of the College to attend for panel sessions. Topics are varied and will all be recorded and added to our online training platform.

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In-person Coffee Connections

We aim to provide a high-impact, low obligation mentoring system to allow as many alumni as possible to get involved in coaching and networking with our students. Students and alumni have the opportunity to get involved and host a single (approximately two hour) coffee chat.

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