Bridging the Gap between study and the professional world.

The tools you’ll need to succeed

The Graduate Association at St Thomas More College, aims to up skill and provide opportunities for senior students to bridge the gap between their university studies and the professional world. It tries to achieve this by running conversation evenings, formal diners and alumni networking evenings, all with the presence of inspirational and experienced guest speakers and professionals who are able to guide residents in their pursuit of a career.

140 Graduate Association Members

Our Graduate Association has more than 140 members in their third year or above at university, and runs three or more events per semester with the signature event being the Alumni Networking Evening which runs in September each year.

140 members.

3 events per Semester.

Graduate Lounge

Real-world ready events and facilities

Alumni Networking Evening

The Alumni Networking Evening presents a huge opportunity for our residents to network with  alumni of the College who have successfully built a career and are willing to help current residents fulfill their ambitions.

Grad Association Lounge

A dedicated lounge for Graduate Association Members to network, study and connect as they traverse their final years at university.

Conversation Evenings

Informal evenings to discuss career-readiness, senior student life, and life in the outside world.

Faculty Dinner

A new event on the Graduate Association calendar, the Faculty Dinner provides Graduate Association members with the opportunity to invite a faculty member for dinner at the College.