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Meet our Residents

Below you’ll see the profiles of our Resident Advisors for 2022

Before coming to Tommy I was fairly quiet and reserved. As I moved into campus, I  didn’t know what to expect and I remember being genuinely terrified upon arrival after only recognising a handful of people. Enter O’Week. You are thrown into all sorts of activities with the other freshers (first year college students) and this is where your first friendships are made. Even after my first few weeks within college I noticed a difference. Relying more heavily on myself really brought me out of that so-called shell.

Initially I came to Tommy for the convenience of living close to campus but boy, oh boy did I get more than I bargained for. Between the friends I have made, growth as an individual and the overall supportive community filled with like-minded people, I couldn’t recommend Tommy enough.

What separates Tommy from the other colleges is the people. Cliché? Yeah. But I can guarantee after one year you’ll be saying the exact same thing.

Charles Reddin (Senior RA)
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil & Structural Mining)

Coming to Tommy More was always an exciting prospect for me. The fondness my parents recollected as they told stories from their own time here left me in high anticipation to try it out for myself.  

I can thoroughly say their stories did not disappoint. Intercollege events, Outreach programs and Kings Park on your back doorstep are just a few of Tommy’s highlights.

College is definitely what you make of it and will leave you with friendships and memories, you won’t soon forget. 

Vivienne Noonan
Gelorup, Western Australia
Bachelor of Sports Science, Exercise & Health and management, The University of Western Australia

I chose Tommy because it provided a range of options and supports me with my everyday life and academic work.

Moving to Australia as an international student is quite transformative and choosing a residential college was an easy way to make moving easier. When I first arrived in Perth I didn’t know anyone. Moving to Tommy allowed me to make a lot of friends and  I now have friend that support me and help me get through the tough times.

I have really enjoyed my 3 years stay at Tommy. This palace has made my studying abroad  exciting and enjoyable.

Haochen Zhao 
Daqing City, China
Bachelor of Science (Engineering and Environmental Science), University of Western Australia

To say that my time at Tommy has been the best time of my life is quite an understatement. From the small town of Manjimup, I came to Perth after my gap year at a winery with the exceptional ability to forget that traffic lights exist and thinking that my life at college would be second to my life at home. But, to mum’s disappointment, this is definitely not the case!

Tommy has provided me with opportunities beyond anything I could have expected. There is rarely a dull moment, from the incredible outreach program to sports to academic and pastoral care! Just always having someone willing to hang out, steal clothes, and make unnecessary trips to Kmart makes the difference. Tommy has allowed me to thrive in a supportive environment that is unique in the best way possible, and for that, I could not be more grateful.

Darcie Bowden
Manjimup, Western Australia
Bachelor of Secondary Education (Mathematics) and Bachelor of Science (Human and Medical Sciences), Notre Dame University

I had heard quite a bit about Tommy before I arrived and it has exceeded my expectations. Coming up to Perth from Bunbury was such an easy transition with Tommy providing a great community.

O’Week is an awesome time that you’ll never forget and provides a ton of opportunities to make friends. It doesn’t stop there though, coming out of high school and having a place to hang out with mates, play sports and having a place to study was such a great experience. One I’d highly recommend.

Max Leblanc
Peppermint Grove Beach, WA
Bachelor of Philosophy (Engineering & Finance), UWA

I initially didn’t want to come to Tommy. I was an anxious and fearful high school graduate who wanted to just move in with my family living in Perth. I was set on only living at Tommy for 6 months to make my parents happy.

However, Tommy has been nothing but incredible. Tommy is the best place to have a seamless transition into city living. Little did I know that Tommy was the place where I could have the best of many worlds.  Lifelong friends, and impeccable social life, incredible sporting opportunities and the privilege to participate in Tommy’s outreach activities are just a snippet of what is on offer here. The memories made at Tommy are also irreplaceable.

My favourite memory here at Tommy has been my time as the Female Sports Rep in 2021 and leading the Tommy female sporting teams to 8 premierships out of a possible 13.

Do yourself a favour and apply to Tommy. I promise you; it will be nothing but extraordinary.

Kalira Docherty
Esperance, WA
Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Notre Dame University

Hey I’m James Forkin and I am studying a Bachelor Degree of Exercise and Sports Science at Notre Dame, Fremantle.

I came to Tommy because I wanted to try the college experience, with a few mates from my hometown that I knew were coming here, plus I’d heard some good things about Tommy and the community vibe that it creates for its residents.

What I love about tommy is that your treated like the young adults that you are, and that it’s awesome to have the ability to make great friends with so many different people from all of the country, and even people with totally different nationalities.

James Forkin
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, Notre Dame University

Getting to play against other college teams in inter-college events like frisbee and dodgeball is awesome. I suggest you try as many things as you can like college events, interwing tournaments, inter-college sports, University clubs, all of it.

Johane Swanepoel
Claremont, WA
Bachelor of Science, UWA

I study Engineering at UWA.

There is a family connection to Tommy More for me, my parents and older siblings all being former residents here. After hearing about life at Tommy from them I knew it was something I wanted to experience for myself.

It’s great to live so close to your friends, and the convenience of being so close to UWA and having your meals cooked means more time for fun (or study)!

Kurt Crudeli
Bachelor of Engineering Science,  UWA

I wanted to make the transition as seamless as possible (in other words I didn’t know how to cook) so living at a residential college was my first choice. I did my research and was impressed by the new, world class facilities Tommy had and its strong sporting culture.

I wasn’t sure what to expect coming to Tommy. What I discovered was a friendly, vibrant and welcoming community that I immediately felt comfortable in. Whether it’s meeting new people in the dining hall, kicking the footy on the quad, studying hard in one of the learning centres, or relaxing in the rec room, Tommy has something for everyone.  

Sophie Lynch
Albany, Western Australia
Bachelor of Arts (Politics & International Relations & Law and Society), UWA

I hadn’t given moving to Perth much thought, and ended up applying to stay at Tommy on a whim because it was conveniently located across the road from UWA.

Little did I know that Tommy would be where I would come to meet many lifelong friends and make numerous irreplaceable memories. The connections you make at Tommy are just one of the many positive aspects you will find on campus.

Whether you are looking for sporting opportunities, academic support or a tight-knit sense of community, there are countless prospects at Tommy.

Kyle Borlini
Dardanup, Western Australia
Bachelor of Arts (Law & Society and Business Law), UWA

I chose to come to college for the convenience and I wasn’t overly excited by the prospect of college itself. I had the full intention of moving out after my first year, but three years later and I’m still here!

College has been the best period of my life so far. Orientation week is, by far, the most fun and exciting week of everyone’s life. You get to do so many fun activities and meet heaps of new people. There is an excellent support system and so transitioning from high school is incredibly easy and stress free. We also have a great Outreach and Social justice program, which is a great opportunity to give back to the communities around us.

The pinnacle of college life has to be the social aspect. With events such as the River Cruise, Wedding and Balls there is never a dull weekend at Tommy. At Tommy, you meet life long friends and create memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Ashleigh Kennedy
Eaton, WA
Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & Finance), UWA

I’m in my second year of college after taking a gap year in my hometown Broome.

Moving from a small town to the big city is exciting and scary but college helps make that transition so much easier. I had heard from previous residents that  Tommy More had the best community spirit and events and they were definitely right !

The friendships I’ve made with the people here will stay with me forever. I am currently studying Biomedical Engineering at the University of Western Australia , being next door to my uni means early morning classes are much easier!

I highly recommend coming to St Thomas More College, it provides a stepping stone from moving away from your family and has the best events and people !

Ulani Hayter Otaola
Broome, Western Australia
Bachelor of Engineering Science, UWA

I came to Tommy expecting to stay for a single year, but by the end of my first year I wasn’t ready to leave.

Tommy has been an incredible environment for me to grow in and is the perfect place to help you adjust to life in the city. Living at Tommy means you are never looking for company. Whether you are eating a fantastic meal in the dining hall or finishing an assignment in a study room, there is always someone to chat with.

Nick Italiano
Templestowe Lower, Victoria
Bachelor of Science (Geology), UWA

My motto for college is that you get out what you put in.

Moving from the regional town of Esperance to Perth in 2020 seemed really intimidating as I had never experienced busy city life before. As move in day came closer, I grew more anxious. However, the second I arrived at the start of O-week, I felt a surge of relief due to the welcoming nature of this college, and this really set the precedent for my years at college.

The first week gives everyone a chance to make new friends, settle in and enjoy new experiences. The events conducted in that week helps you form relationships with your peers, and many of the friendships that I made in this week made college life a whole lot better.

What I mean by my motto is that the experience that you get out of Tommy depends on the energy that you invest. Personally, I attended majority of events and got involved in college culture wherever I could. This includes social events like the River Cruise, the ‘Wedding’ and the Great Escape, and Outreach events like volunteering at Ronald McDonald House, participating in relay for like and the Kings Park Half Marathon.

Besides from the big college events, I do whole-heartedly enjoy the smaller events that act as an excuse to get out of your room and have chats with friends like Nerd Night Tuesdays and Quad Coffee Sundays. Essentially, through spending your time being involved in college culture, new opportunities arise that gets you out of your comfort zone and helps you grow as a person.

I cannot recommend Tommy enough. Its facilities, community and lifestyle definitely makes it feel like a home away from home.

Eva 🙂

Eva Carolan
Esperance, WA
Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Curtin University

I came to tommy to meet new people and build new friendships with people from everywhere as well as getting the opportunity to transition into a more adult lifestyle.

Tommy was a place I saw to be a very entertaining and amazing place to live at whilst being walking distance from university as well as meeting new people that aren’t necessarily in your degree.

Before Tommy, I was quite nervous moving up to Perth as I didn’t know anyone well up there so wasn’t use to the very busy city life however after O week, those nerves went away which made living there so much better than I was expecting. The opportunities that Tommy provides from sports to academic and pastoral care helps residents maintain and keep busy on uni work but also enjoying fun events throughout the year. Through these opportunities, you can make some lifelong friends along the way as well as build upon your own professional career.

Ben Cole
Dalyellup, WA
Bachelor of Science (Sports Science & Exercise Health), UWA

I came to Tommy because I wanted to meet new people and experience a diverse campus culture. The friends I have made are some of my best mates, and it helps that you see them everyday.

Living with other university students compels me to study harder and participate in more events.

Madi Gallop
Geraldton, WA
Bachelor of Education (Secondary in Health and Physical Education), Notre Dame University