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Below you’ll see the profiles of our Resident Advisors for 2023

I had heard quite a bit about Tommy before I arrived and it exceeded my expectations. Coming up to Perth from Bunbury was such an easy transition with Tommy providing a great community.

O’Week is an awesome time that you’ll never forget and provides a ton of opportunities to make friends. It doesn’t stop there though, coming out of high school and having a place to hang out with mates, play sports, and having a place to study was such a great experience. One I’d highly recommend.

Max Leblanc
Peppermint Grove Beach, WA
Bachelor of Philosophy (Engineering & Finance), UWA

I’m in my second year of college after taking a gap year in my hometown Broome.

Moving from a small town to the big city is exciting and scary but college helps make that transition so much easier. I had heard from previous residents that  Tommy More had the best community spirit and events and they were definitely right !

The friendships I’ve made with the people here will stay with me forever. I am currently studying Biomedical Engineering at the University of Western Australia , being next door to my uni means early morning classes are much easier!

I highly recommend coming to St Thomas More College, it provides a stepping stone from moving away from your family and has the best events and people !

Ulani Hayter Otaola
Broome, Western Australia
Bachelor of Engineering Science, UWA

I chose Tommy because it provided a range of options and supports me with my everyday life and academic work.

Moving to Australia as an international student is quite transformative and choosing a residential college was an easy way to make moving easier. When I first arrived in Perth I didn’t know anyone. Moving to Tommy allowed me to make a lot of friends and  I now have friend that support me and help me get through the tough times.

I have really enjoyed my 3 years stay at Tommy. This palace has made my studying abroad  exciting and enjoyable.


Haochen Zhao 
Daqing City, China
Bachelor of Science (Engineering and Environmental Science), University of Western Australia

When I reflect on moving to Tommy, I realise it was the best decision I have made. Moving away from home is a big leap into adulthood and Tommy created an environment in which I instantly felt welcomed. From sports to social events to our volunteering program, there is something here for everyone to be involved in. If it weren’t for Tommy, I wouldn’t have met some of the most influential people in my life, from staff to students.

Tommy encourages and provides you the opportunity to form friendships that I know I will have for a long time… because once a Tommy moron, always a Tommy moron.

Phoebe Coulthard 
Geraldton, Western Australia
Bachelor of Law, Curtin University

Living at Tommy More has given me the opportunity to be immersed in a friendly and welcoming environment during my studies. Being surrounded by academically-minded people and living so close to uni has helped me achieve and maintain a strong academic record, opening my future to endless possibilities.

This paired with the social aspects of College has allowed me to enjoy multiple events and activities I wouldn’t have had the chance to participate in. Above all, the friendships, memories, and connections I have made will long outlast my studies and be my greatest takeaway from living at Tommy More.

Daniel Ralph
Broome, Western Australia
Bachelor of Science (Frontier Physics) and Master of Physics, UWA

I was a young lady moving a long way from home all alone, I took a leap out of my comfort zone and joined the community of St Thomas More College. I have not regretted my decision at all, my experience so far has been nothing short of amazing!

The people I have met will be my friends for life and the experiences that I have been involved in are a true testimony to all the people of Tommy More. If you are passionate about anything, our college offers it, and you are able to join as much as you feel comfortable with. At Tommy More, they will support you with every aspiration you have and you will always be a part of the family.

Carys Butler
Wickham, WA
Bachelor of Nursing, Notre Dame University

Moving to Tommy was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Moving to Perth from a small country town was a daunting experience but one which was made so much easier due to the relaxed and welcoming community that Tommy provides.

By living at Tommy whilst completing your studies, you are provided with a convenient escape from the stresses of uni work, with a range of events that involve all members of the college. If you are a country kid moving to the city for the first time, I cannot recommend moving to Tommy highly enough as your home away from home!

Oliver Hutcheson
Manjimup, Western Australia
Bachelor of Agribusiness, Curtin University

Since I moved to Australia from South Africa, I have always wanted to live at college to make friends and live a more independent life.

Joining the St Thomas More College community was one of the best choices I have made and has allowed me to not only make friends that I will keep for life but also helped me to make connections with other people also studying Engineering. I am constantly exposed to opportunities that improve my leadership and broaden my knowledge of various topics.

The sporting community at Tommy is a great way for me to keep active and have fun with my friends every week. The convenience of living so close to UWA is an extra perk that helps me get more involved with the university and be more up-to-date with the events they run.

Johane Swanepoel
Perth, Western Australia
Bachelor of Engineering, UWA

Coming to Tommy I didn’t really know what to expect. I had been assured by a close friend that I would love it but was hesitant about what was to come. Moving out of home after a gap year, I was both nervous and excited about the year ahead.

Tommy however, has been absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to move to Perth to study. Tommy enabled a seamless transition to city living and as soon as I set foot on campus, I immediately felt welcomed and all my nerves subsided.

The College culture is second to none and the events held throughout the year are fantastic! The people you meet and the memories you make are sure to stay. The opportunities Tommy gives the residents to further develop themselves as young adults are incredible and worth pursuing.

Zeke Medling
Albany, Western Australia
Bachelor of Nursing, Notre Dame University

I didn’t realise at the time how good of a decision it was to come to Tommy. It has changed my life, providing so many amazing experiences and opportunities. The friends I have made here are friends that I believe I will have for life. Social events, help with academics, a good support network – the College has everything you need. Tommy More is my home.

Ruby Gilroy
Bunbury, Western Australia
Bachelor of Advanced Biomedical Science (Honours), UWA

Moving to Tommy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Coming straight out of high school, it was a daunting prospect to move away from home and start the next chapter of my life. However, Tommy truly became my home away from home.

St Thomas More College is built on an extremely welcoming and inviting community, making your transition seamless to life away from home. It allows you to meet so many like-minded people, has assistance with your studies, and grow as individuals.

To students moving to the city for their studies, I would recommend Tommy More.

Kade Szyszka
Bunbury, Western Australia
Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science, UWA

Living at St Thomas More College is something special. I have never experienced anything quite like it. When I first moved to Perth, I was so nervous. I hadn’t ever lived away from home, so the thought was very daunting. A vivid memory was walking into the administration office, on my first day, to start moving in. I was greeted by the RA’s and Committee, who were so kind and welcoming. This day changed me forever. I was finally making that huge step from childhood to adulthood. I very quickly became involved in college life, participating in events such as “Relay for Life”, joining the subcommittee for the Ball, and participating in regular college events. The College has helped me grow and develop to become my own person. In my second year, I joined the Committee as Secretary. This was another great decision to help me mature in my development as a young adult. Throughout the year I worked on different events at the college and joined an outstanding team of motivated and inspiring people. A team of people that soon turned into lifelong friends, who I will always remember. St Thomas More isn’t just a place to live, it’s a home away from home filled with guidance, respect, friendship, and great leadership opportunities. 

Sophia Spence
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
Bachelor of Marketing & Public Relations, University of Notre Dame

I came to Tommy expecting to stay for a single year, but by the end of my first year I wasn’t ready to leave.

Tommy has been an incredible environment for me to grow in and is the perfect place to help you adjust to life in the city. Living at Tommy means you are never looking for company. Whether you are eating a fantastic meal in the dining hall or finishing an assignment in a study room, there is always someone to chat with.

Nick Italiano
Templestowe Lower, Victoria
Bachelor of Science (Geology), UWA

Deciding to come live at St Thomas More College has easily been one of the best decisions I’ve been able to make. Even as a first-year student, I have forged many friendships with people from various backgrounds and have made countless memories within such a vibrant and inclusive community. Through the College’s influence, I have gained many valuable skills such as growing in confidence and leadership, and cannot wait to continue my journey at Tommy More for years to come.

Beth Schilling 
Bunbury, Western Australia
Bachelor of Biomedical Science, UWA

The decision to move to Tommy was an easy one, I had heard about many perks to college life and wanted to experience it for myself. When it was time to move in, I was by no means disappointed.

Though living with hundreds of other students may sound daunting, I am so fortunate for this environment. I have been able to make many incredible friendships with people from around the world and for that I am so grateful.

I highly recommend getting involved in as many activities as possible whether it is sport, outreach, or social events, there is something here for everyone.

Tommy is more than I could have hoped for, it has provided me with all the support that I have needed to get the most out of my degree as well as being surrounded by like-minded people.

Kate Barclay
Eaton, Western Australia
Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, UWA

Unlike many Tommy More residents, I am from Perth. People often ask me, why would you move to College if you live so close? The Tommy experience.

Being at Tommy during Uni has been the best years of my life and makes University feel less like work and more like fun. It can be really hard meeting new people at University due to short class times and irregular hours but being at Tommy allows you to meet way more people and embrace Uni life to the fullest. Additionally, Tommy consistently has the most attendance by far at every inter-college event, which demonstrates the tight-knit community you become part of when you join Tommy.

Camden LeFevre
Perth, Western Australia
Bachelor of Commerce, UWA

Moving to Tommy More in Semester 1, 2021, with essentially no expectations of what was to unfold throughout not only Orientation week (O-week), but the entire year, was confronting, to say the least. During my years at school and the summer holidays leading up to my first semester at college, I was very anxious, a little insecure, and struggled to make close friends as easily as others, so socialising with people I’d never met was a horrifying thought that I tried my hardest to suppress. However, thanks to the marvelous organisation of the Student Club Committee, Resident Advisors, and admin staff at Tommy More, the negative thoughts began to dissipate the first day that O-week commenced.

O-week was the catalyst for building connections and relationships with an immeasurable amount of residents and staff alike; I met my favourite people in O-week, my best friends, who I (with no hesitation) consider my family. Tommy More has everything you need to navigate your way through uni/young adult life. My decision to move here is one I shall never regret, I can wholeheartedly say that I would not be the person I am today without having Tommy More as my home away from home for the past 2 years, and I cannot wait to see what my 3rd year has in store!

Mia Holben
Bunbury, Western Australia
Bachelor of Biomedical Science, UWA

Moving to St Thomas More College on my own from a very small town, I didn’t have many expectations. I was thinking it would just be a place for me to live while I completed my degree. I could not have been more wrong! Tommy is a community where there is a space for everyone to grow and become who they want to be. I have made strong connections with so many people and have had countless opportunities to enhance my education. Tommy welcomes everyone into their community and has many ways to get involved and meet new people. Moving here has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and I do not regret moving here one little bit.

Teigan Clark
Kulikup, Western Australia
Bachelor of Commerce, UWA