Become a 2020 More Mentor

Please help us make our Freshers feel welcome!

Here’s some details:

Why become a Tommy More Mentor?

We’re sure you remember when you first took the leap to live at Tommy More. Students often say they felt a little nervous and unsure of what to expect.

You may also remember your first year here, and some of the challenges you may have faced, including homesickness, nailing the work/life balance and general university/living out of home stuff.

The Tommy Spirit is all about leaving nobody behind and helping one another and this is a wonderful way for you to make new friends and give back to the Tommy community.

What will you receive?

A briefing and information session
A certificate at the end of the year
An invitation to our annual thank you event

What is involved?

You will need to be on campus at O’Week to catch up with your Mentee and show them around campus and then check in with them regularly during the first month, and then monthly for the six months – a year.

How will this benefit me?

Not only will you have the satisfaction of expanding your friendship group at college, but by becoming a More Mentor, you’ll be able to add another program to your resume (this will help position you as a team player, and serve as a point of differentiation between you and the competition). Your involvement in College life will also help keep you in good stead for 2021 Resident Advisor positions, and other opportunities that arise within Tommy More.


Your Obligations

These are your specific obligations:

First month

  • Show them around campus and introduce them to the staff
  • Take them to their university and show them around the campus (if you’re at the same university)
  • Take them to coffee on Hampden road or your favourite coffee shop to get to know them
  • Check in with them regularly when they are first starting (over Messenger/WeChat or text message)

Following the first month, you’ll then only need to check in with them monthly (at a minimum).

Think of yourself as their big brother or big sister on campus. Your role is to look out for them.

  • Some examples of what that might look like are:
  • If they’re sitting alone at lunch, ask if you can join them.
  • If they break up with their partner, check in with them to see how they’re going.
  • If they look like they’re struggling with the study workload, encourage them to seek assistance and talk to someone.

What to do if your mentee is struggling

University and College life can be fraught with a number of challenges, be they financial, emotional, physical or academic (as you know!)

Your main role is to listen, without judgement, and if something has worked for you, share your experience.

Students of many different walks and personalities join our College. Some may be extroverted and confident, while others may be quiet. That is why it is important that take this into consideration and care.

That is why sometimes it is more helpful to join someone for a meal, rather than ask you to join their table.

That is why people may not contact you to let you know they are struggling, but if you take the initiative to ask how they are doing, they may open up.

You will be given some more examples of how you can be a great mentor during the briefing session.

It is of the utmost importance that if someone has shared anything with you, that you treat it with the utmost confidence. If they are sharing this information with you, it means they have trusted you enough to do so, which may have taken some courage.

One exception to this is when you are concerned for their welfare, in which case, please arrange an appointment with Rebecca Wood (who will also treat this with confidence). Bec may be able to give you some suggestions you can pass back to them, or in serious cases, relieve you of the burden and reach out to the student. If it is a serious concern, trust us that they will be grateful to you.

Some Notes

  • We will try to pair you with students who have at least one shared interest (same hometown/university/course)
  • You CAN be both an RA/SCC member and a mentor at the same time
  • This is not a remunerated position
  • You may be paired with several Freshers and are welcome to have coffees etc as a group
  • If there are any queries or troubleshooting, please touch base with Bec Wood

Say you’ll join!

Applications close Friday 11 October