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Tommy More Open Day

Sunday 28 March 2021

Join us for our annual Open Day

Where you choose to live when you attend university can have a big impact.

St Thomas More College has 400 single rooms for students who wish to live on Campus. We have a thriving Outreach and Social Justice Program, first-class opportunities for career and personal development, as well as a friendly, welcoming and diverse student body.


Visit us either virtually or in person for a tour.

Visit us In Person

Due to the UWA open day going ahead in March this year, the Tommy More Community Market will happen on the same day. Come join in on some family fun whilst working out if residential student life is for you.

Wonder around our grounds, take tours, eat, play games, explore our popup markets and enjoy live entertainment as we open our doors to you this Open Day. Immerse yourself in true Tommy style as we celebrate our students, our community and the opportunities College living entails.

Meet some of our Residents…

  • I initially came to Tommy for the convenience. It is situated in a central location and has great facilities. But this isn’t the reason why I’ve stayed; I’ve stayed for the people, the atmosphere and the experience. They say that if the only thing you get out of university is a degree, then you’re missing out, and the Tommy community certainly makes this true. These people that you meet, they become friends for life and more than that they become your family.
    Kiera Albertsen, Masters of Professional Engineering (Chemical Engineering), The University of WA
  • I believe Tommy has one of the best cultures on College Row. There’s always someone you can talk to about anything that is on your mind, and we have a heavy involvement in our Outreach and volunteering programs like the Ronald McDonald House breakfasts. My highlight so far has been my time on committee where I had the opportunity to meet many new people who I wouldn’t normally and in doing so I learnt more about the College and my fellow collegiates. If I could give one tip it would be go to every meal in the Dining Room. It is a great place to meet new people and engage in the vibrant Tommy culture.”
    Liam Tilbrook, Bunbury, Masters of Clinical Pathology, The University of WA
  • “Initially I came to Tommy for the convenience of living close to campus but boy, oh boy did I get more than I bargained for. Between the friends I have made, growth as an individual and the overall supportive community filled with like-minded people, I couldn’t recommend Tommy enough. What separates Tommy from the other colleges is the people. Cliché? Yeah. But I can guarantee after one year you’ll be saying the exact same thing.”
    Jesse Musitano, Brunswick, Bachelor of Science (Psychology and Management), The University of WA
  • “After comparing all the colleges, Tommy was the most worthwhile taking all expenses into account. Tommy’s Outreach program is second to none and being lucky enough to join the Cambodia trip in 2018 was incredible as well as all of the other outreach events we run to give back to the community. Being on the Student Club Committee in 2019 and helping in run some of the incredible events like the Ball and River Cruise has been great! If you thinking of coming to college, just do it! It’s by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Living right next door to your best friend is a dream we all have as a kid, imagine a whole college full of friends!”
    Shae Richardson, Albany, Bachelor of Science (Sport Science and Exercise Health), The University of WA
  • “I’ve lived at Tommy for three years now and I’m now going into my third. I enjoy having my social life been brought to me, it’s not hard to find something to do or someone to talk to when you have so many people to bounce off. The added convenience of living across the road from university makes it hard for me to justify moving out. O’Week was one of my most memorable moments here, and you are guaranteed to meet some of you lifelong friends here at Tommy More.”
    Liam Chick, Northampton, Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Science), The University of WA
  • The fact that Tommy is also situated opposite UWA means my life as an Architecture student is a lot easier as it’s a quick walk to Uni each morning and I’m constantly taking models or sketches in with me. My experience at Tommy over the last two years has been very positive and allowed me to build on and create so many new friendships. The social events run by our Student Club and Admin are always amazing and very unique to our College. The transition into university life can be quite difficult but I strongly believe that coming to Tommy gives you a second family, who are there to support you along the way!
    Amira Benterrak, Broome, Bachelor of Design (Architecture), The University of WA
  • For me, what makes Tommy so great isn’t just the manicured front quad fit for any casual sporting activity, or the variation in meal selections from the dining hall, it’s more or less the constant family-like community that creates a home, away from home. Looking back on it, choosing to come to Tommy is hands down one of the best decisions I possibly could have made. I have made friends and met people I never knew I would in this life, and there is rarely a dull moment to be had with its many social and inter-college sporting events.
    Robert Pattison, Dongara, Bachelor of Science (Double Major in Agricultural Science and Urban Planning), The University of WA
  • My brother went to Tommy More before me and I liked the look of it whenever I visited. Getting to play against other college teams in inter-college events like frisbee and dodgeball is awesome. I suggest you try as many things as you can like college events, interwing tournaments, inter-college sports, University clubs, all of it.
    Benjamin Kirke, Bunbury, Double Major in Psychology, The University of WA
  • “I’d heard Tommy was pretty sports orientated and the campus looked great so I had no hesitation and looked forward to coming. I wasn’t ready for how busy College life could get, but I enjoyed the chaos of it all for a little while, however soon worked into a structured lifestyle that could support both my Uni life and social life. The people are fantastic and winning flags in inter-college sports has been a highlight… along with Parmi night of course!”
    Ewan George, Busselton, Biomedical Science, The University of WA
  • “I chose to live here at Tommy because I saw that it looked the newest out of all the colleges. After one and a half years here, I now realise that the exterior of the College was impressive, but not the major takeaway from St Thomas More College. The people and their energy makes Tommy More what it is. Everywhere you go in college, you are greeted with a smile and a “How’s it going?” As an international student, it isn’t easy to find a place that makes you feel at home. Tommy More has given me more than that. I have found friends from all over the world that I will keep for life and learned so much from those around me.”
    Sean Soh, Singapore, Bachelor of Arts (Communications and Media Studies, and Marketing), The University of WA
  • “I came to Tommy More because it’s conveniently located and close to University. Tommy also has very well-appointed and modern rooms. I was initially worried about getting engaged in the College community, such as getting used to the lifestyle and making friends with domestic students. However, the people at Tommy were friendly to international students and cared about every resident so I didn’t need to worry at all. Also Tommy More has the one and only College gym. I love getting involved with the Aussie college lifestyle while also keeping my own vibe. Come join us if you wanna live a (much) better life in Aussie!
    Sophia (Longkai) Li, China, Psychology Honours, The University of WA
  • I decided to come to Tommy as it was something different. I moved into Tommy in 2017 and it was way more than I expected in a good way. It’s a small community and everyone knows everyone and looks out for each other. As a Resident Advisor I am really looking forward to the experience and getting to know a whole new bunch of residents as well as the returners.
    Iesha Brown, South Hedland, Bachelor of Science (Human Anatomy), The University of WA

So, what makes Tommy More special?

Central Location

St Thomas More College enjoys a central location adjacent to Kings Park and across the road from the University of Western Australia and the Swan River, with major bus routes at our doorstep.

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Premium Facilities

Our College was redeveloped in 2016, which means we have first class facilities for students that include a number of recreation, study and common rooms.

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Academic Assistance

Students at St Thomas More College have access to free tutoring, as well as a range of events geared to help students succeed at their studies such as group study nights

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Single Rooms Generous Internet and Meal Plans

Students each receive unlimited WiFi, as well as a choice of 16 or 21 meals in our standard rooms. All rooms at Tommy More are single rooms.

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Next Level Convenience

Forget worrying about utility connections, rent inspections and university parking (because we’re right across the road!) Tommy More has it all sorted for you. Move into a fully furnished room or apartment and worry about the important stuff – studying and enjoying yourself.

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Friendships for Life

Our students tell us all the time. Living at college provides you with a range of incredibly memorable experiences and lifelong friendships.

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