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Rooms at St Thomas More College in Perth, opposite UWA

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Modern and well-equipped rooms and meal options for every student.

Welcoming Community at St Thomas More College, UWA Campus Accommodation

Welcoming Community

A community committed to inclusiveness, camaraderie and supporting one another.

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A wealth of opportunities from leadership training to outreach.

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  • “I came to Tommy from Albany expecting to stay for a single year, but by the end of my first year I wasn’t ready to leave. Tommy has been an incredible environment for me to grow in and is the perfect place to help you adjust to life in the city. Living at Tommy means you are never looking for company. Whether you are eating a fantastic meal in the dining hall or finishing an assignment in a study room, there is always someone to chat with.”
    Laura Parker, Albany WA, Bachelor of Science (Majoring in Environmental Science and Botany), the University of Western Australia
  • Coming to Tommy More was always an exciting prospect for me. The fondness my parents recollected as they told stories from their own time here left me in high anticipation to try it out for myself. I can thoroughly say their stories did not disappoint. Intercollege events, Outreach programs and Kings Park on your back doorstep are just a few of Tommy’s highlights. College is definitely what you make of it and will leave you with friendships and memories, you won’t soon forget. 
    Vivienne Noonan, Gelorup WA, Bachelor of Sports Science, Exercise & Health and Management, The University of Western Australia
  • I was really looking forward to coming to Tommy at the start of 2018, and had chosen to come to Tommy a long time ago. I had heard a lot of good things about the College, and had a family connection with the here too. What makes Tommy special to me is certainly the large amount of opportunities it offers; opportunities to make new friends, to get involved in volunteering and outreach events, and providing a great place to live while studying at uni. Personal highlights include all the social events, such as the formal dinners, and the Inter-college sports, as well as the many hours spent procrastinating with a game of ping pong.
    Andrew Italiano, Dardanup WA, Bachelor of Science (Honours, majoring in Physics), Curtin University
  • To say that my first year at Tommy has been the best year of my life is quite an understatement. From the small town of Manjimup, I came up to Perth after my gap year at a winery having an exceptional ability to forget that traffic lights exist, not knowing about wearing anything other than work boots and thinking that my life at college would be second to my life at home. To mum’s disappointment, this is definitely not the case! Tommy has provided me with opportunities that are beyond anything I could have expected... Just always having someone willing to hang out, steal clothes from and make unnecessary trips to Kmart with really makes the difference...Tommy has allowed me to thrive in a supportive environment which is unique in the best way possible...
    Darcie Bowden, Manjimup WA, Bachelor of Secondary Education (Maths) and a Bachelor of Science (Human and Medical Sciences), University of Notre Dame Australia
  • I chose Tommy because it provided a range of options and supports me with my everyday life and academic work. Moving to Australia as an international student is quite transformative and choosing a residential college was an easy way to make moving easier. When I first arrived in Perth I didn’t know anyone. Moving to Tommy allowed me to make a lot of friends and  I now have friend that support me and help me get through the tough times. I have really enjoyed my 3 years stay at Tommy. This palace has made my studying abroad  exciting and enjoyable.

    Haochen Zhao, Daqing City China, Bachelor of Science (Engineering and Environmental Science), University of Western Australia
  • I came to Tommy More because it’s conveniently located and close to University. Tommy also has very well-appointed and modern rooms. I was initially worried about getting engaged in the College community, such as getting used to the lifestyle and making friends with domestic students. However, the people at Tommy were friendly to international students and cared about every resident so I didn’t need to worry at all. Also Tommy More has the one and only College gym. I love getting involved with the Aussie college lifestyle while also keeping my own vibe. Come join us if you wanna live a (much) better life in Aussie!
    Sophia Li, Shantou China, Masters in Counseling, University of Notre Dame Australia
  • “Before coming to Tommy I was fairly quiet and reserved. As I moved into campus, I  didn’t know what to expect and I remember being genuinely terrified upon arrival after only recognising a handful of people. Enter O’Week. You are thrown into all sorts of activities with the other freshers (first year college students) and this is where your first friendships are made. Even after my first few weeks within college I noticed a difference. Relying more heavily on myself really brought me out of that so-called shell. Initially I came to Tommy for the convenience of living close to campus but boy, oh boy did I get more than I bargained for. Between the friends I have made, growth as an individual and the overall supportive community filled with like-minded people, I couldn’t recommend Tommy enough. What separates Tommy from the other colleges is the people. Cliché? Yeah. But I can guarantee after one year you’ll be saying the exact same thing.”
    Jesse Musitano, Brunswick, Bachelor of Psychology (Double degree in psychology), The University of WA
  • I initially came to Tommy for the convenience. It is situated in a central location and has great facilities. But this isn’t the reason why I’ve stayed; I’ve stayed for the people, the atmosphere and the experience. They say that if the only thing you get out of university is a degree, then you’re missing out, and the Tommy community certainly makes this true. These people that you meet, they become friends for life and more than that they become your family.
    Kiera Albertsen, Masters of Professional Engineering (Chemical Engineering), The University of WA
Please note we are now FULL for Semester 1, 2023.
If you would like to apply for Semester 2, applications are welcome. 


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