Exciting times are ahead!

The beginning of Semester is mere weeks away, and we remember Ayush revealing at the 2018 Valete that when he first moved to Tommy, the basics of cooking eluded him, so for all those university students who are moving into Studio Rooms this year, or using our Communal Kitchen – we’ve compiled the Ultimate College Students Guide to Entering the Kitchen.

This list has 37 how-to’s and recipes for college students in apartments.

If you’re living at Tommy More and it all seems too much, remember you can always upgrade your meal plan, and if you’re in one of our standard rooms, why not test out our communal kitchen?

Are you a member of our Alumni or a seasoned Studio or One-Bedroom Apartment student and have some tips to share, recipe links or people to follow? Let us know and we’ll include it! All tips welcome.

So without any further delay, here is our list filled with recipe inspiration and basic kitchen how-to’s.

The Basics of Nutrition

Ok, so let’s start with the basics of nutrition. If you were intending to survive on packet noodles for your entire time at college, think again. Canada has just released some great nutrition resources to help with planning your meals and understanding what you should eat and how much. Check it out below.

Canada's Nutrition Guidelines


Breakfast How-To’s and Inspiration

You could just eat toast and vegemite every day (International Students – hot tip: you just want a scrape of vegemite. This is NOT like peanut butter) orrrr….. you up your game and change things up!

Lunch How-To’s and Inspiration

Toasted sandwiches are life, but there are also heaps of other delicious options for lunch and many of which enable you to prep once and enjoy for days.

Snack How-To’s and Recipe Inspiration

Even if you’re staying in one of our standard rooms, these snack recipes and roundup are for you.

Dinner How-To’s and Recipe Inspiration

The dinner options are endless, but we’ve also made sure we have included some of the basics of cooking – rice and roast chicken.

Sweet Recipe Inspiration

We look forward to seeing all of our students back for Semester 1 and hope you’ve enjoyed this go-to list!

The Ultimate College Students Guide to Entering the Kitchen