After splatters of rain, on and off all day, fingers were crossed for clear skies over the STMC Fringe Festival.

Food stalls were set up across the Front Quad, with soup stalls and international curry stalls all made by our very own residents, as well as our Outreach Resident Advisor, Jess Fenton, and her committee setting up an outdoor op-shop and bake sale, with all proceeds going to the farmers struggling through the drought.

The weather held off and all the residents were invited down to the quad for a BBQ dinner and chance to walk around the festival. One of the biggest hits of the night was the firepit, providing camp fire feels and toasted marshmallows for all! We had two food trucks parked down the stairs from the quad, one cooking up crepes and the other serving classic soft serve ice cream and deserts – both a huge hit, despite the cold!

Rich Road, a local band made of 3/4th’s residents, performed groovy jams throughout dinner and the night, just adding to the wonderful atmostphere. One of the biggest attractions was the petting zoo, providing lots of furry friends for downtime cuddles and destress patting, with the litter of six, week-old bunnies being a firm crowd favourite.

Keeping our residents healthy and social was encouraged by the UWA Health Promotion Team. The guys came across and gave our collegians beer goggles to try on and learn the dangers of excess and binge drinking, in a fun and light-hearted way. They also provided valuable chats on how to be your healthiest self in a college environment and joined us all for toasted marshmallows at the end of the night.

A big thank you for everyone that helped set up, and especially those who came down and enjoyed the event! The turnout was bigger than we ever expected, and we hope everyone had a great time!


Lydia Kerrell – Vaughan

St Thomas More College Fringe Fest STMC Fringe Fest 2.0 2018 STMC Fringe Fest 2.0 2018